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Aleuta is home to your passions. Inspire others with your ideas, expertise, thoughts, knowledge, obsessions, enthusiasm, hobbies, fire, spirit, anything. It's really simple to start. Pick a topic, add a catchy headline and let your mind go free.


Aleuta operates across Japan, Australia, South Africa, India and is about to launch in several other countries.

Easy pricing

Free for individuals, and affordable payment plans are ready for your organization.


Keep track of your analytics, get a better understanding, make more meaningful decisions.



Aleuta brings together the ultimate features to create a seamless enviroment.

Share everywhere

You can share articles, features, books, videos, anything at an instant. Get it done sooner with faster sharing.

Compose anywhere

Build, reach and captivate your audience & your business. Create great content anywhere that suits your lifestyle.

Together we can

Get everyone involved. From your team members to your fans. Connect with like-minded people or communities centered around your passions.


Pricing Plan

  • Small groups (up to 5 members)
$10 per member
  • Up to 6-100 members
$12 per member
  • Up to 500 members
  • 500 members and above

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